I just updated entry 16. I’m glad I’m staying organized and keeping it in book format by using issuu.com. It helps me watch the strip grow. I’m concerned with growth lately. I think oil painting has always documented the kind of growth I am interested in, but in the end of a painting you only see the refined product. In a comic strip you can revisit old ideas instantaneously by flipping a page.

This is my first attempt at a comic strip and narrative storytelling in a linear fashion. I’m interested to see how it will affects my oil paintings. I also find myself interested in how characters change and evolve over time so I am taking a few risk with drawing style and presentation.

I really enjoyed how crappy and unpolished the first episodes of the Simpson’s and Family Guy were in comparison to what we know them to be today. I like to see drawing evolve into something that is refined vs drawings that don’t document grow. A lot of the animations being made today start with a polished formula and it’s something way too corporate about that. I haven’t really gathered my thoughts on that issue but it might be something that I want to write about in the future.

I feel in American society we want something that is refined right out of the box. It’s why relationships are so hard and why job hunting is so hard. Nobody is willing to except a product as is and have faith that it will grow into something extraordinary. This all might be a premise for a body of artwork. The idea of developing something publicly is almost in the realm of being counter culture to American society.

It never seems like you are in the studio for as long as you are. Even during a short pop in visit an hour or two can slip past you.

The new canvases I just made are now stained and ready for new paintings. The new painting for the show in September is spectacular. I look at it everyday and lately I can’t find anything I would change about it so I think it is done. Regardless, I will continue to look at it everyday,right up until it’s time for the show. It feels good to know I already won. Picasso and Guston would have to come out the grave to stop my victory and even then they would have to admit they they are in good company next to me on the wall.

When you pit yourself against your heroes there is no stopping you.
I paint for my legacy right alongside the greats.

When showtime comes they better light my sexy beast like it’s the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. I want aliens from the sky to come down and tell me in all their years of space travel they have never seen anything so great.

So I ordered a pizza expecting a hot fresh pizza upon pickup but they only build the pizzas and you take them home and bake them yourself. I’ll try a lot of things once and if it is delicious maybe even twice! The s’more cookie thing was a gift so they are off to a good start.